• Yes, we do NOT accept every acupuncture clinic into our Directory
  • Yes, we have high standards and requirements in order to be on our directory and requirements to STAY on our directory
  • Yes, the #1 priority of this directory is to connect patients from all over the world with an ethical acupuncture clinic.

1. Your Clinic must have a minimum of a 4.9 star Google Rating, no exceptions

  • Your clinic must maintain at least a 4.9 star Google Rating in order to stay on our directory
  • If your Google rating drops below 4.9 stars, you will have 3 months to raise it back to 4.9, if after 3 months your clinic fails to achieve a 4.9 Google rating, your clinic will be removed from our directory

2. Your Clinic must have a Refund Policy

  • Regardless if you offer a prepaid option, packages, treatment plans, care plans, or pay as you go, etc. you must have a Refund Policy for unused services & products.
  • Your refund policy must refund your patients with the discounts. For example, it is common for healthcare clinics to state “unused services, unused parts of your package can be refunded but without the discount, and based on our regular fees, etc”. This is NOT acceptable for us and is NOT in alignment with our values, which we find unethical.
  • If we are going to refer patients to you, we need to make sure they will be reserving high quality service, and not red tape.

3. No Bait & Switch Sales Tactics

  • It is common among 100% Cash based healthcare clinics (acupuncture, chiropractic, functional medicine doctors) to charge a fee for a Consultation. During this Consultation they provide no value to the patient and are just putting the patient through a sales pitch to sell them a 3-month, 6-month, or a 12-month package/program. At the end of the program, the patient doesn’t end up getting the results they want, and feels like they just wasted thousands of dollars and their time. This is what we define as bait and switch sales tactics and is NOT in alignment with our values and will NOT be allowed.
  • We have no issue with you offering programs, packages, treatment plans, etc… just make sure you deliver on your promise to your patients… if you can’t, let them know, and don’t take their money
  • We will read through your 1-star Google reviews to see if your clinic is using these bait & switch sales tactics, and we will reach out to you to listen to your side of the story and then decide if your clinic will qualify to join our directory. We understand some unhappy patients will lie on their google reviews, but if you have a refund policy and you don’t use these bait & switch sales tactics, you should never get reviews stating that your clinic uses bait & switch sales tactics.


1. VERIFIED Listing

  1. Agreement Term:

    1. Length = 1 year agreement

    2. Payment Options:

      1. Option #1 (Prepayment Option) = prepay for one year with one payment of $960

      2. Option #2 (Monthly Payment Option) = $160 USD per month for 12 months

2. CERTIFIED Listing

  • Coming soon

How to Apply

Step 1

  • Email Jessica Chen ( the following two items:
    • The wording of your REFUND Policy that you give to your patients.
    • If you meet our listing requirements, which payment option would you like to choose?

Step 2

  • We will verify your Google rating
  • We will review any 1-star google reviews and contact you for clarification as needed to help us determine if it meets our requirements

Step 3

  • After we’ve verified that you meet our 3 requirements, then we will send you a payment link and further instructions about the information that we need from you.