Women’s Guide to Conquering Allergies

Ah, great and comfortable weather is just around the corner. For people who are
hypersensitive to this time of year that comes, well… EVERY YEAR… It just means to
expect an onslaught of symptoms, like sneezing, sniffing, crimson eyes, and runny noses. Not only that, but making the extra effort to desperately to keep away from
allergy infestations that can trigger an awful reaction such as parks, playgrounds, and

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An anticipated 35 million humans, especially women, within-side the U.S. are afflicted by seasonal allergic rhinitis or nasal allergies. Women are a little different when it comes to hypersensitive reactions hitting each allergy season. This is because it can affect more than just your internal senses. “Springtime — while matters are growing — may be tough,” says Julie Livingston, a public member of the family expert withinside the metro-NYC region, who has seasonal allergies. She says her hypersensitive reaction symptoms could make her experience self-conscious. “My eyes frequently seem crimson and irritated,” she says, “People will ask, ‘Are you OK?’ even if I’m now no longer truly sick.”

Although this might be the experience many women have felt over the years, there is a hidden secret that goes unnoticed that can stop you from having any kind of reaction at all. The answer is Traditional Chinese Medicine: your best Women Guide to Conquering Allergies!
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Allergies Gone with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Year after year, many women deal with allergic reactions — once in a while without even understanding it. Common proceedings consist of nasal congestion, scratchy throat, itchy eyes and allergic shiners, darkish circles that seem under the eyes, and puffiness within-side the higher face.

“We found over 80% of women didn’t realize that the allergic shiners could be attributed to allergies and sinus problems,” says Clifford Bassett, MD, medical director of Allergy & Asthma Care of New York and on faculty at the NYU School of Medicine. “So,they use cosmetics and foundation to cover it up, but with treatment, it actually canimprove and go away. They can look and feel better.” “The bottom line is allergies are 100% treatable,” he says. “People don’t need to suffer. If you’re having symptoms and it’s persistent and bothersome, then see an allergist and get tested. It’s very simple. Then you can approach the problem much more definitively and exactly based on your needs.”

This all can be done through TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments. Unlike generalized over-the-counter allergy medication (which isn’t catered to each individual), through Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can get you the results that you have always dreamt of.

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Allergies: Time to Take Action

Allergies can mimic bloodless signs and symptoms and the continual congestion or drainage. However, don’t wait till signs and symptoms kick in to start taking action, or else it could be too late and could take longer for you to recover. As the climate receives warmer, pollens and molds are launched into the air, you’ll want to act quickly and set up your appointment with your Holistic Healthcare provider.

Start early and start your sessions as soon as you start to see the seasons change to get the optimum results. By doing this, it allows you to be ahead of the game and opt-out of experiencing the annoying allergies that have been affecting you for years. The treatment itself can consist of acupuncture, herbs, and other oriental methods that have been used for centuries to have long term results.

Don’t take generalized prescriptions that only have temporary effects and mask the symptoms. Our personalized treatment is based on the impact that your body has on allergies and can give you long term results without having to repeatably come back frequently. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today with Lotus Springs to take care of your seasonal allergy troubles.

The Ends of Women Guide to Conquering Allergies

If you’re looking to receive effective treatment for ANY health condition, we recommend you start looking for a TCM practitioner in your area. If you’re within the state of Utah, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lotus Spring Acupuncture & Wellness to receive the best holistic healthcare and acupuncture treatments.

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