How to Get Pregnant Naturally | Fertility Concern On Having a Baby

You are generally fertile for a few days between the 9th, 11th, and or 14th, 21st of your
menstrual cycle, and sperms may live for up to 5 days following a sexual encounter.
When you have a better understanding of these fertilization cycles, it helps you to
answer the question of how to get pregnant faster.

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How to predict ovulation?

  • Ovulation test (LH test): measure your luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen level during your ovulation to determine your fertility window. Normally, it tests the urine level to find out the peak that occurs 36 hours before ovulation.
  • Body temperature: This approach measures a women’s daily temperature to determine the days of fertilizing window by a very precise thermometer. This method tracks the rise in the basal body.


How to get pregnant faster and tips on maximizing fertility:

  • Having sexual intercourse on fertilization window
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and healthy weight.
  • Having regular doctor’s check-up
  • Acquiring holistic healthcare such as acupuncture to speed up to Qi-energy on how to get pregnant faster.
  • Taking recommended supplements and vitamins.




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